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/* dirlist.h
 * $Id: dirlist.h,v 1.1 2006/06/08 02:13:34 swm Exp $
 * $Log: dirlist.h,v $
 * Revision 1.1  2006/06/08 02:13:34  swm
 * Initial revision

// File: dirlist.h
// Author: K. Reek
// Contributors: S. Marshall
// Description: A class that manages the various lists of filenames
//  needed to create a makefile.

#ifndef _DIRLIST_H
#define _DIRLIST_H

#include <set>
#include <map>
#include <dirent.h>

using namespace std;

/* Inserter object
 * Writes a space-separated list of file names in f (with a leading space).
 * If the suffix is the null pointer then writes the file names exactly.
 * If the suffix is non-null then the suffix of each file is replaced with
 * this suffix (which could be the empty string).

struct FileListInserter {
  const set<string> &files;
  const char * suffix;

  FileListInserter( const set<string> &f, const char *suf = 0);

/* Insertion operator for the previous inserter object. Writes a
 * space-separated list of file names in f (with a leading space).

ostream & operator<<( ostream &os, const FileListInserter &ins );

/* Class to hold sets of file names. There are several methods that scan
 * a directory and classify files and manipulate file names.

class DirList {
public: // Constructors

  enum FileType { C, CPP, H, ARCHIVE, PREASSEMBLY, ASSEMBLY, M4_H, M4_CPP, OTHER }; // file type
  DirList( ); //Scan the current directory and all sub directories
  DirList( map<string,string>& config ); //Auto-scan directories in "dirs" config
  DirList( const char **av ); // Use the following files to construct our list of files, NULL terminated
  static const string basename( const string &name ); // get basename of name

  // File name lists, publically accessible for traversals etc.

  set<string> cpp;       // All C++ files
  set<string> cpp_main;  // All C++ files with main
  set<string> cpp_other; // Non-main C++ files
  set<string> c;         // All C files
  set<string> c_main;    // All C files with main
  set<string> c_other;   // Non-main C files
  set<string> preass;   //all preassembly files
  set<string> preass_main; //all main preassembly
  set<string> preass_other; //all other preassembly
  set<string> ass;       // All assembly files
  set<string> ass_main;  // All assembly files with main
  set<string> ass_other; // Non-main assembly files
  set<string> h;         // All .H and .h files
  set<string> archive;   // All .a files
  set<string> h_m4;     // All .h.m4 .H.m4 files
  set<string> cpp_m4;   // All .cpp.m4 .cc.m4 .C.m4 files

 public: // file scanning functions

  static bool matchString( ifstream &in, char &ch, const string &s );
  static bool skipComments( ifstream &in, char &ch );
  static bool skipWhitespace( ifstream &in, char &ch );
  static string getString( ifstream &in, char &ch );

  // main function routines

  void insert_source( bool (* mainfn)( const string &name ),
                      const string &name, set<string> &both,
                      set<string> &main, set<string> &other );

  static bool hasMainFunction( const string &name );
  static bool hasMainLabel( const string &name );
  static set<string> getIncludeFiles( const string &name );

  FileType fileType( const string &name ) const;

  // file properties

  map<string, set<string> > _includeFiles;
  map<string, set<string> > _dependencies;

  //Scan the dir and all subdirs
  void scan_dirs( DIR* dir );

  //Scan only our current directory
  void scan_single_dir( DIR* dir, int ac = 0 );

}; // DirList