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23 3548d 15h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated Windows part. Windows writing does not work properly yet.  
20 3597d 01h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Added native methods to get information from serial ports. Added a toString method on the SerialPort. The SerialPort now knows what port it is representing  
18 3598d 22h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated native code to have some more error checking. Updated JNI to use new classes instead of the innser classes that it was using before  
14 3600d 16h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Finished setting of serial port settings on Linux  
13 3605d 15h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Started on Windows implementation. Added target to Makefile for Windows compliation. Added some comments in SerialPort based on what baud rates are only available in Windows.  
11 3606d 14h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Updated implementation, added more methods for manipulating the serial port  
10 3614d 19h rm5248 /JavaSerial/src/com/rm5248/serial/ Added to get and set the state of the serial lines. Added getters for serial port settings.  
9 3616d 16h rm5248 /JavaSerial/src/com/rm5248/serial/ Added more constructors, fleshed out implementation more. Added to be thrown if the user does something stupid.  
8 3620d 18h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Added begining of implementation for Linux.  
7 3621d 18h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Started on beginnings of serial library.