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98 2065d 18h rm5248 /branches/JavaSerialNIO/ Make a branch for messing around with NIO.  
94 2095d 17h rm5248 /branches/TrainDatabase/1.1/ release version 1.1  
93 2095d 18h rm5248 /branches/TrainDatabase/ train database branch  
82 2471d 13h rm5248 /branches/JavaSerial/0.4/ Branch 0.4  
75 2553d 08h rm5248 /branches/JavaSerial/0.3/NativeCode/ fix to not crash on opening a serial port under Windows.  
70 2614d 14h rm5248 /branches/JavaSerial/0.3/ Branch 0.3  
66 2683d 01h rm5248 /branches/JavaSerial/0.2/ JavaSerial version 0.2.  
44 2823d 22h rm5248 /branches/JavaSerial/ Branch JavaSerial version 0.1  
24 2901d 01h rm5248 / Moved stuff into proper SVN directoreis