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78 2922d 22h rm5248 /trunk/C-CPP-utils/supermakemake/ worked on popt support  
48 3231d 01h rm5248 /trunk/C-CPP-utils/supermakemake/ updated dirlist to support recursive searching. updated the help text.  
47 3232d 20h rm5248 /trunk/C-CPP-utils/supermakemake/ some updates to get main functions. some code cleanups  
24 3334d 08h rm5248 / Moved stuff into proper SVN directoreis  
12 3395d 20h rm5248 / Added beginning of a program to open up the terminal with java  
6 3573d 01h rm5248 /C-CPP-utils/supermakemake/ begining of work on m4 support  
5 3573d 04h rm5248 /C-CPP-utils/supermakemake/ added some support for S files. Working on support for dependency generation thru GCC  
2 3812d 21h rm5248 /C-CPP-utils/supermakemake/ Updated makemake to use new configuration variable  
1 3813d 21h rm5248 /C-CPP-utils/ Initial import of C and CPP utils