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40 3675d 14h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Setting the serial line state should now work. Setting the flow control has been implemented in java. a write array method has been added to the output stream  
38 3675d 21h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Data flow is now such that you will get serial state changes in a new thread. All reading happens in only one spot.  
36 3681d 18h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated windows code. Updated java code to (theoretically) work when the state of the serial line is chagned.  
35 3682d 12h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Got serial line state getting working for linux  
34 3682d 15h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated windows flow control.  
32 3682d 22h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated linux native code to fix a few bugs. turned on all warnings  
31 3682d 22h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Added methods to get the serial state to the native code, does not do anything at the moment  
30 3682d 22h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated Windows side to do hardware flow control.  
29 3682d 22h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/src/com/rm5248/serial/ forgot to add serial change listener  
28 3682d 22h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated the serial port to have callbacks when the serial port changes. Made a few updates to how the native linux code works  
27 3695d 14h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Got asynchronous IO working in Windows.  
26 3695d 17h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/src/com/rm5248/serial/ when opening a serial port, will properly set all settings.  
25 3695d 22h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ regenerated header for serial port  
24 3696d 23h rm5248 / Moved stuff into proper SVN directoreis  
23 3700d 12h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated Windows part. Windows writing does not work properly yet.  
20 3748d 22h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Added native methods to get information from serial ports. Added a toString method on the SerialPort. The SerialPort now knows what port it is representing  
18 3750d 19h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated native code to have some more error checking. Updated JNI to use new classes instead of the innser classes that it was using before  
14 3752d 13h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Finished setting of serial port settings on Linux  
13 3757d 11h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Started on Windows implementation. Added target to Makefile for Windows compliation. Added some comments in SerialPort based on what baud rates are only available in Windows.  
11 3758d 11h rm5248 /JavaSerial/ Updated implementation, added more methods for manipulating the serial port  

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