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63 3589d 07h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ fixed the line setting and getting to actually work. set up linux/POSIX native code to wait until the serial lines change, to be like windows. that is, you will get a callback when the serial lines change if you so choose  
62 3591d 08h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ added some error checking  
61 3591d 11h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated input stream to comply with java standards. Added ability to get library version  
60 3603d 15h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ added inline back in for linux  
58 3604d 14h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ only read one byte, not four  
57 3604d 18h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ fixed an issue with the serial port settings being set incorrectly and overwriting the baud rate settings. need to test out multiple types of configs to ensure that this works properly  
55 3620d 11h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Inlined a bunch of functions, created a new function to get the serial port descriptor struct.  
54 3623d 09h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ some updates on how errors are handled, need to work on it more later.  
40 3782d 10h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Setting the serial line state should now work. Setting the flow control has been implemented in java. a write array method has been added to the output stream  
38 3782d 17h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Data flow is now such that you will get serial state changes in a new thread. All reading happens in only one spot.  
36 3788d 14h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated windows code. Updated java code to (theoretically) work when the state of the serial line is chagned.  
35 3789d 08h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Got serial line state getting working for linux  
34 3789d 11h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated windows flow control.  
32 3789d 18h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated linux native code to fix a few bugs. turned on all warnings  
31 3789d 18h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Added methods to get the serial state to the native code, does not do anything at the moment  
30 3789d 18h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated Windows side to do hardware flow control.  
28 3789d 18h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/ Updated the serial port to have callbacks when the serial port changes. Made a few updates to how the native linux code works  
27 3802d 10h rm5248 /trunk/JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Got asynchronous IO working in Windows.  
24 3803d 19h rm5248 / Moved stuff into proper SVN directoreis  
23 3807d 08h rm5248 /JavaSerial/NativeCode/ Updated Windows part. Windows writing does not work properly yet.  

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