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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
24 3545d 04h rm5248 / Moved stuff into proper SVN directoreis  
22 3559d 01h rm5248 /JavaTerminal/src/com/rm5248/terminal/ Added some more menus  
21 3597d 01h rm5248 /JavaTerminal/src/com/rm5248/terminal/ added ability to read back information from serial port. got the bottom-left view of the serial port working properly  
19 3598d 23h rm5248 /JavaTerminal/src/com/rm5248/terminal/ added some menus, got 80-character widths working properly  
17 3599d 21h rm5248 /JavaTerminal/src/com/rm5248/terminal/ added command line parsing for options  
16 3600d 00h rm5248 /JavaTerminal/ Added fonts, updated the GUI somewhat.  
15 3600d 17h rm5248 /JavaTerminal/fonts/ added fonts to use  
12 3606d 16h rm5248 / Added beginning of a program to open up the terminal with java